Steady Plodding Brings Prosperity
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Episode #4: Principles of Money Management

Time get out your pad & paper! In this episode, Eric starts to talk about where the rubber meets the road - 5 money management principles that are key to reaching your financial goals.
In this episode, Eric talks about:
- 5 easy to remember money management principles
- why each principle is important, what challenges should be expected, and some ideas for putting the principle into action
-ideas for making your next financial decision, and the one after that, great

Episode #3: The 4 Uses of Money

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius
In this episode, Eric discusses the value of simplifying your finances and how all uses of money can be simplified down to just 4 categories. Knowing these 4 categories and how to use them can make a huge difference in your financial future. 
In this episode, Eric talks about: 
- the 4 uses of money
- the value of simplifying your finances
- how your perspective can bring contentment, and how your principles can bring you confidence

Episode #2: How to Find Contentment & Confidence in your Finances

Do you have kids living at home? Who do your kids bedrooms belong to? Who owns their bedrooms? What’s the difference? Listen in as Eric discusses the difference between ownership & stewardship – and how a simple shift in your thinking can lead to true contentment & confidence.
In this episode, Eric talks about: 
 - ownership vs stewardship and a simple explanation of the difference
 - how to find contentment in your current financial situation, 
 - the secret to gaining confidence in the decisions you have yet to make

Episode #1: What is the Most Important Piece to a Puzzle?

What is the most important piece to putting together a puzzle? Listen in for the answer (it’s not what you think).
In this episode, Eric talks about:
 - what the secret to prosperity is,
 - what you can expect from the Plodder Podcast, and
 - the 3 questions you should focus on before you make your next financial decision


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